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Apr 14 2013

Hunter and his red eyes….

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Since about the middle to end of last week we’ve noticed that Hunter’s third eye lids (the ones inside the eye but just above the bottom eye lid) were really red.  The whites of his eyes were also pink instead of white.  He also seemed to have his eyes closed slightly more than normal and they felt warm.  There was some discharge from both eyes but that is our Hunter… he’s always had goobers.  We know our dog and he just didn’t look right and was also looking a little uncomfortable and tired at times.  Little changes like not wanting to go out potty again before I left for work or getting off the couch a bit slower than usual.  But his appetite was great.

I wondered who should see Hunter about this.  We have a holistic vet and I was going to be there with our pup on Saturday, April 13th.  We also have an ophthalmologist that has seen our other 2 labs, but not Hunter.  But I thought it would take longer to get in with the specialist, not to mention the expense!  His oncologist said they would like their ophthalmologist to see him, but we already had a relationship with our ophthalmologist.  They were not sure if it was cancer related or something totally different like conjunctivitis.

Hunter looked better at the end of this week than he had been looking and was his frisky, naughty self at times.  I was trying not to panic and believe this was a symptom or sign that the cancer was back.  I didn’t think he had gotten into anything recently but he did vomit on Easter Sunday (he had some egg whites when I was making deviled eggs), and again the following Sunday (he ate some tuna).  Both of his vomits had yellow slime in it and the second one also had grass in it so he must not have been feeling great to eat grass (he eats grass when he has an upset stomach).  Overall though his appetite was great and there were no other vomiting episodes.

I posted my concerns on the Tripawds forum and got a lot of great suggestions and support.   It is really wonderful to have such a dedicated resource of people who care to answer questions and help.  After that, I decided to take him to our holistic vet first.  I thought hopefully he will just need some eye drops and it will clear up.

So Hunter saw our holistic vet on Saturday morning.  She said “the eyes are the window to the liver” and thought it may be all the chicken he’s eating, its a “hot” food.  Told me to change up his raw diet to beef or turkey.  His treats too.  She sent me home with an herbal eye wash and put him on Livaplex (Standard Process).  It’s a supplement to help his liver.  (He was on a Chinese herb liver protectant throughout his chemo treatments but we stopped that  in January.)

I would have never blamed his diet, I’m so glad I went to her first!  And…… She really isn’t attributing it to the “c” word.  No blood work was suggested at this time either.  (we are planning on doing another full work up on him in a few months)

We are so relieved!

I used the eye wash last night and it seemed to soothe his eyes a bit.  I also have a call into our pet store to change our regular case order to Nature’s Variety Beef or Bison raw diet instead of his chicken.   I’ll also change his treats out as well.  Now we’ll just see if there is an improvement.  Funny thing… he’s had extra goopy eyes since this whole thing started and he’s been on the chicken raw diet since last July… wonder if he just can’t tolerate that much chicken.

Hunter’s Mom


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One Response to “Hunter and his red eyes….”

  1.   princesson 18 Apr 2013 at 10:21 pm     Reply1

    That’s really interesting! The whites of Magnum’s eyes were very dark in her last weeks. Her blood work was OK and we put it down to the cancer (but never actually asked the vet about it).

    Our four legged girl Ruby sometimes has slightly red eyes and her protein source is chicken! So THANKYOU for sharing this information. I will look at adding in a bit more beef and lamb (she is allergic to everything else).

    Give Hunter some hugs and kisses from us

    Karen, Spirit Magnum and Ruby

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