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Oct 13 2012

1st Pheasant Hunt of the Season!

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share the exciting day we had with Hunter, aka Super Dog, yesterday!

It was Hunter’s 1st pheasant hunt of the season and about 2 weeks shy of his 5 month ampuversary.

We had a beautiful and sunny 50 degree day.

He was excited the entire morning, seeing the truck get loaded and the guns pulled out.  Hunting vests, collars & whistles, and dog water bottles lined up on the kitchen floor.   He knew it was a hunting day and just knew he was going too!  We kept telling him the past week that he was going to “get some birdies!”…

As soon as we pulled into the driveway at the hunt club he started shaking.  His expression was like “I knew you’d hunt me this season…. I just knew you would!”…

We checked in, made sure we picked a field that had somewhat easier cover and terrain, and drove down to our spot for the morning.  When Hunter got out of the truck he waited patiently for his e-collar and his ID collar with the bell on it to be put on.  He waited for all of us to get dressed up in our orange vests and hats, load our pockets with water bottles, and for the guys to hoist the guns onto their shoulders.  Then off we went to hunt that first field.

Hunter hunted strong for the first 30 minutes and retrieved many birds!



We made sure to give him plenty of water the entire morning, but he looked a bit tired after that so I stayed with him while the guys hunted another field with our younger lab Hailey.

Hunter didn’t like to be left behind one bit!  He yelped and complained and tried to drag me into the field with him the entire time.  After about 10-15 minutes the guys were back and off Hunter went again.  He wanted all of the hunting he could get.

After another 30 minutes his hind end was dragging a bit and his tongue was all of the way out (the tongue thing is so him!) so we decided to pull him from the hunt.  I went back to the truck with him and waited until the guys finished up the fields.  But everytime a shot rang out Hunter would whine and complain ~ letting me know that he felt those were HIS retrieves!

He had a really successful first pheasant hunt and truly enjoyed his time out in the field.  Next time we’ll know his physical limits and either give him a longer break or just pull him from the hunt after 30 or 40 minutes.  It’s what he lives to do and we were so happy and proud to give him the chance to hunt again.  The friend we took with us on the hunt today said “you’d never know Hunter has only 3 legs”, and he commented that Hunter was the best hunting dog he’s ever had the priveledge to hunt with!

Here’s our Hunter, so proud of his work in the field:







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5 Responses to “1st Pheasant Hunt of the Season!”

  1.   Kathy Lon 13 Oct 2012 at 6:43 pm     Reply1

    Oh, just look at him next to the birds — so proud! 30-40 minutes is not slacking, that’s work so he did good. The adrenolin must have really been on high. I hope he can enjoy a little of that roasted bird!

  2.   krun15on 14 Oct 2012 at 1:01 am     Reply2

    I LOVE it when pups are able to do what they love. And when a Tripawd can get back to doing what they love, well it is just so inspiring!

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  3.   jerryon 14 Oct 2012 at 2:48 am     Reply3

    Superdog indeed! I tell ya there is nothing more beautiful that seeing a dog do what he was born to do. Yay Hunter!

    He should build up his stamina again. Remember to check our Gear Blog for ideas on how to do that. With some dogs it can take several months to get their strength back. And remember, shorter, more frequent bursts of activity are better than one long one. So if there’s any way possible to do this on your hunting expeditions that would really help him get strong too.


  4.   samdogon 15 Oct 2012 at 12:23 am     Reply4

    Hunter, you and your family are an inspiration. I do hope he gets a piece if one if his retrieved birds even though I know it is the “game” that makes our working dogs their happiest. It is nice to hear he is still able to live up to his name even after all he has been through. What fun for you all!
    -Samdog’s mom

  5.   BartsMomon 15 Oct 2012 at 4:07 pm     Reply5

    Sooo incredible to see these gorgeous photos – it would be something for Bart and Hunter to go out together with Bart pointing and Hunting retrieving (although Bart would NOT be happy with another dog retrieving his finds!!).
    Congrats on a GREAT day!! Bart’s breeder said, “You can amputate the leg, but you can’t amputate his spirit!” and it looks like the same rings true for Hunter! Way to Go Buddy!!
    Darcy & Bart

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