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Jun 04 2012

Update ~ 6/4/2012

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Hi everyone,

Hunter is doing really well; 4 days after surgery now.  He is a little spacy sometimes on all of the meds, he sleeps alot, and is still getting his balance figured out.  We wonder if he is tired due the healing process, or from boredom, or both.  He fell over pooping this morning on the lawn… but got up fine without our assistance.  He has not had any discharge or bleeding at his amputation site.  (I posted some after surgery photos for you if you want to take a peek.)

We did have some concerns with the healing process in the past 2 days.  There seemed to be redness under his sutures and along the bottom of his chest in front of his sheath.  Then we noticed a lot of fluid build up that sank to the lowest part of his chest.  Since we had to pick up some more pills on Friday, we had a Dr. look at him.  We were told to switch from ice to hot packs (for 10 minutes / 3X day) and a few times seemed to make a big difference.  The redness is not as pronounced, eventhough it did track to his right armpit!, and the fluid in his chest is about 75% less than it was now.

He is in really good spirits and actually walked down our driveway and said he was going to take himself for a walk today! Of course, we told him NO.  He rallied quickly from his bone biopsy, so we are hoping he will also rally quickly from his amputation.  He is one super dog!

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3 Responses to “Update ~ 6/4/2012”

  1.   maximutton 04 Jun 2012 at 4:35 am     Reply1

    Glad to hear Hunter is doing well. Those meds can really make dogs loopy. But it sounds like he is on the right road to recovery. Keep it up Hunter!

  2.   etgayleon 04 Jun 2012 at 3:36 pm     Reply2

    hunter, sounds like you are a model patient!! hope your seroma continues to shrink, you’ll be healed up and have those sutures out in no time!!!

    charon & spirit gayle

  3.   Mama Fleeceon 04 Jun 2012 at 5:06 pm     Reply3

    Tell Hunter we knew he would pull through this!
    He is not a quitter!
    Love from his, “Grandma and Grampa”

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